Currently, I am not teaching at any retreats. I do, from time to time teach small groups of craft-minded women (and men too) in informal settings.

Past Teaching….

Art & Soul Portland 2009 | Class Information

Little Shop of Memories | Christine Szekeres & Stephanie Rojas

Join us on a journey down memory lane to places real or imagined. What are your fondest memories? Wildest dreams? Fantasies? Where did you feel most happy and joyful? Did you have a special childhood place where your treasures were kept safe? What were those treasures? What were the smells? How did those things make you feel? What memories do they evoke today?

Revisit a childhood haunt, create that special treasure chest, or journey somewhere imagined (the French countryside or a witches’ potion shop). The choices are limitless. Students will immerse themselves in the memories and senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound) of their chosen destination.

The journey begins with a handmade wooden box. Using paint, canvas, and imagination students will create a repository for memories (real or imagined). It might contain bottles of herbs or 3-D objects from a time gone by. Students will learn assemblage, collage, waxwork, distressed painting, and other techniques.

The box measures just under 5” x 7” and contains six (6) compartments to hold bottles or other treasures of the chosen destination, memory, or theme. Students may use all six bottles provided or may bring small 3-D objects to fill one or more of the compartments. The lid is canvas, which is altered using a variety of techniques (collaged, embellished, painted, crackled, or covered with beeswax) before being attached to the box with hinges. The bottles can contain botanicals or small 3-D objects and students can cover them in beeswax (if desired). The box is painted (using a variety of techniques) and can be distressed for an aged appearance.

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Supply List:

  • 1 – 5” x 7” canvas (treated or untreated)
  • Acrylic paint (2 colors plus black that fit your theme – we prefer Golden’s)
  • All-purpose glue (Crafters’ Pick The Ultimate or equivalent)
  • Matte and/or Glossy Accents (by Ranger)
  • Phillips head screwdriver (small, magnetized tip works best)
  • Paint brushes (3 or 4 foam and 1 or 2 small detail bristle)
  • Sandpaper (fine grit) or sanding block
  • Vintage paper ephemera (sheet music, tissue, magazines, newspapers, etc) that fit your theme
  • 3-D embellishments/bottle contents (beads, glitter, botanicals, “frozen Charlotte” doll, other antique store finds) that fit your theme

Materials Fee includes: 1 handmade wooden box (compartments measure 2.75” x 1.25”), 6 glass bottles with cork stoppers, and hardware (2 hinges and 8 screws)

Instructor will provide for class use: beeswax, crackle medium, gesso, paint sealer, alphabet dye-cutting machines (Cricut and Slice) for letters and images, and a small amount of paper ephemera and herbs/botanicals

Optional Supplies: German glass glitter, Ranger Distress ink pads (we use vintage photo and walnut stain most), and Ranger Distress crackle paint (colors of your choice)

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