I am born…(ha ha, no this will not be David Copperfield-esque tome)

Who am I? That answer is always changing but a few things do seem to remain constant. I’m energized by art, I’m a fiercely loyal friend, and I love learning new things. Growing up in the Midwest, I always promised myself that after college I would venture away from home and see some of the country before finally settling into one spot. Since graduating college I have done just that living in Atlanta, Orlando, Danbury (just north of NYC), and finally Seattle, where I’ve been living for over 16 years.

Being a crafter doesn’t pay my bills (and I’m not sure I would want that to be honest – nothing like trying to make money at something to ruin your love of it) but being creative does! It’s truly a blessing, working in marketing. For the past 8 years I’ve called SAMBICA (the youth summer camp in Belleuve) home. Overall I can say that my job is more rewarding than I could have ever possibly imagined. Gone are the days of working for “the man” (the shareholder). I do get to work for THE MAN, but the man Jesus Christ and it makes all the difference. When I have a hard schedule or a lot on my plate I can look and see that what I’m doing is for God and not so the company has a profitable year.

Being at SAMBICA also means I get to do some cool things like creating the design of our van wraps, designing a graphic wall full of children’s happy faces, installing vinyl on many walls around camp, and many more “once in a lifetime” activities. In 2015 I celebrated a milestone at SAMBICA, 6 years of service and as a gift was sent off on a paid sabbatical for an entire month — an entire month to play! It was amazingly wonderful.

Once in a lifetime is a regular occurrence at SAMBICA. I’ve worked with a man in China who wanted to bring 14-16 teenagers to SAMBICA for summer camp. His email, full of code — you can’t talk about Christianity in China because the government monitors all communication — was an interesting read. I’ve helped a Mom with a special needs child enjoy a week of camp … many fulfilling and amazing experiences.

On the personal creative front: I became a Prima Marketing brand ambassador in the fall of 2014. It was an amazing experience filled with loads of demonstrations at my local Hobby Lobby! I also became a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator in December if 2015. I sort of “fell into” Stampin’ Up! after I began attending stamping nights with a local demonstrator. If you are looking for Stampin’ Up! products or would like to gather some friends for an evening of stamping, please let me know! My desire is to continue bringing a love of creativity to as many people as I can.

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