I had the opportunity to work up a class for the Scrapbook Expo coming up in Puyallup in July. My friend Jen over at Nani Ke Ola Scrapbooking is exhibiting and asked me to design a class as well. I was thrilled at the opportunity and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

The class, called Inspiration 101, focuses on techniques while giving the student the tools to make the project their own. Here is the class description and a few photos.

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What inspires? How do we motivate ourselves and others? What is mixed media and how can we get started? In Inspiration 101 students will begin to answer these questions and more as they learn to employ mixed media techniques to create inspiration panels.
Join us creating positive messages of inspiration! Inspiration panels are 6×6 canvases of hope and positivity. Designed to bring a smile to the face and a gleam to your eye, these panels make perfect gifts for others as well as yourself. Give one to your daughter reminding her she is beautiful just the way she is, give one to your son reminding him that he can reach his goals, give one to a friend experiencing a loss reminding her that she is not alone, or put one up beside your bed to remind you to wake with a smile in your heart! The possibilities are limitless.
Students will leave class with one 6″ x 6″ inspiration panel they have created and will learn basic mixed media techniques including working with inks, sprays, powders, adhesives, paper, stencils, pastes, found objects, canvas, and much more!
There are endless configurations for creating inspiration panels and through discussions about composition, theme, and the creative muse students will gain the confidence to spread their creative wings and make inspiration panels at home.

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Would you take a class like this? I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Thank you for sharing some of your time with me today. Until next time, remember, creativity and imperfection live together in all we do. “Grace is the face love wears when it meets imperfection.”


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