Hello, friends! I hope 2016 is off to an amazing start full of creativity and adventure for each of you. For my first post of 2016 I would like to share an 8 x 10 mixed media canvas I created using the Domestic Goddess paper line from 7 Dots Studio. I really like all the lines from 7DS and this one is no exception. It is reminiscent of 40’s & 50’s domestic life and honestly cracks me up most of the time. I am not June Cleaver. Not even close. It’s a good thing the only other “person” I have to keep alive with regular food and water is my feline friend, Rainey.


Growing up with a mom like June Cleaver, Donna Reed, or Marion Cunningham must have been amazing. I respect the women who run households. It’s a full time job and they do it well, but sometimes I wonder if Mom might have “other” dreams (in addition to taking care of her family). This is the inspiration for my project, “Domestic Goddess: She Did Because She Could”.


My base is an 8 x 10 canvas I picked up at Michaels back during the summer. It is from a “denim” canvas line and is a burlap brown with these amazing antique brass studs on the edges. You could also use a natural canvas (raw, without gesso). I began by choosing a paper for the background. I decided to use White Apron because I liked the imagery and the neutral palette. I cut a rectangular piece roughly 8 x 10 and ripped it diagonally. Once I was satisfied with the angle and edge I inked all the edges using Distress inks in Fossilized Amber and Hickory Smoke.


Next, I began gathering the elements I wanted include (ribbon, ephemera, stickers, chipboard, and flowers) and tried them out on the canvas. I almost always do this as I have no idea what configuration will look best when I start out. I also pull together way more items than end up on the final piece so I can try them all out. To me this is the fun part of creating a mixed media piece. Often I will create a mock up and walk away for a time, coming back to see how I like it, moving and swapping out different items until I’m satisfied. I take a picture so I don’t forget (mixed media for me often happens over a series of days) and it’s time to begin assembly.

A quick word about adhesives. I’m not a scrapbooker so I am not necessarily thinking about my work lasting (and being archival) for the next 100 years. Instead, I do my best to choose the best adhesive for the items I’m bonding together. One of my secret weapons is Beacon’s Fabri Tac, which is a liquid seam product used in sewing. It dries clear, bonds quickly, and works well for both porous and nonporous surfaces. The bond it creates is nothing short of miraculous.

For this canvas I used several things from the Stickers 12×12 sheet, a few things from the Collage Adverts sheet, and letters from the Alphas – Raspberry Muffin sheet. I also used two chipboard pieces, the wire cage dress form and a crown, both from UmWow Studios. Dimensional items included flowers, leaves, and some beads. I used several Prima flowers from my stash, however these flowers would work perfectly and these leaves are a staple of mine.

DomesticGoddess3 DomesticGoddess4

Using “sticky” embossing powder, I applied foil to the crown. I love sticky embossing powder (my favorite is manufactured by Ranger) and it does just what the name implies, makes the surface sticky when heated. Once you have this sticky surface you can apply foil, flocking, flower soft, or glitter to the surface and it stays put! Amazing, no? I also embossed the dress form using Delicata gold ink and clear embossing powder. I tinted the ribbon using Ken Oliver’s Color Burst in merlot, yellow ochre, and sepia. I also used Marion Smith’s Color Lab kit in merlot, 24k, and caramel on a different ribbon. I wanted to compare these two products. At the end of the day I love both. Ken’s product is more widely available, which makes it better for many of us, but Marion Smith’s has this great recipe card for mixing and getting amazing results. I also applied Bo Bunny Gold Glitter Paste through the Tim Holtz Burlap Stencil to add some dimension to the canvas. When the paste was dry I went over it gently with Fossilized Amber and Hickory Smoke inks using a round blending tool.

DomesticGoddess1 DomesticGoddess2 DomesticGoddess6 DomesticGoddess7

I used Mod Podge (matte), Aleene’s Quick Dry tacky glue, Fabri Tac, and black foam mounting tape. TIP: I prefer black foam tape (versus white) because it doesn’t show as easily when looking at the front and blends in perfectly when viewed from the side.

7DS is a Polish-based company so all the adverts are in Polish. On a whim I decided to translate the one I used: “Od piegow krem Hannol Niezawody Parf D’orient Warszawa”. Roughly translated it is an advertisement for “reliable freckle cream” imported to Warsaw from the Orient. Too funny. Finally, and because Mom has a rapier wit, I included the mysterious quote, “She did because she could.”


I hope this piece inspires you to “do because you can” and create something uniquely you! Until then, remember, creativity and imperfection live together in all we do. “Grace is the face love wears when it meets imperfection.”


Supplies Used
Domestic Goddess paper line
UmWow Studio: wire cage dress form & crown
Prima flowers & leaves
Marion Smith’s Color Lab kit or Ken Oliver’s Color Burst
Snug Hug Seam Binding White
BoBunny Gold Glitter Paste & Tim Holtz Burlap Stencil
Distress ink Fossilized Amber & Hickory Smoke
Round Blending Tool
Delicata gold ink & Clear embossing powder
Ranger Sticky Embossing Powder
8×10 Canvas
Adhesive (Mod Podge, tacky, black foam tape)

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