A lot of my life is consumed (in a good way) with my job. I’m blessed … I work at a summer camp. I get paid to wrap vans, design banners, and buy candy and treats for Sam’s Place, the camp store. That is not to say that there aren’t challenges. SAMBICA is 95 years old and with all that history comes “character”. Most of the buildings on campus possess this “character” which is a polite way of saying oddly built and in need of repair.

On the whole, it’s wonderful though. A place where the laughter of children is the noise I hear. Where singing silly camp songs is normal and the noise level at lunch rivals that of a sports stadium. This past summer was no exception. I’ve been here for 5 years and in that time I’ve seen over 10,000 kids come and go. It’s been a time of change and of renewal. Through it all, one thing is steady … loving kids.

New this year are quarterly events for elementary, middle, and high school campers. We’ve been having a blast with middle school bashes, kids night out, refuge, and break camps. It is wonderful to see the kids running around camp singing and laughing in the middle of winter. Christmas Carnival kicks off in a few days and over the four days it’s open, we will see hundreds of families visit Santa at SAMBICA. There is loads going on around camp and of course there are only 200 days until the first day of summer camp! It’s a wonderful time to be at SAMBICA.

As I move into my 6th year and closer to our centennial anniversary I find myself excited for what is coming. It’s a wonderful journey, one I get to take with wonderful coworkers and friends. As I said, I am blessed.

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