Okay, so it’s once again time to observe that long held tradition of setting (and eventually breaking) New Year’s resolutions. There’s nothing like a new year and in this case a new decade to make millions of people stop, take stock and set some goals. I am no stranger to the resolution racket. I’ve made them all: exercise more, get a new job, lose weight, find a boyfriend, you name it, I’ve probably sworn to achieve it in the new year.

So why do we feel compelled to make (and break) these grand resolutions? In thinking about it, I decided to ask a few friends (via Twitter and Facebook). Here are a few common (and sometimes colorful) responses…

“Cause I can’t accept the fact that I’m unable to change.”

“I don’t make ’em. If I did, I would probably make them on my birthday, not the new year. New Year’s is so arbitrary somehow.”

“Because I’m a masochist. Because sometimes I surprise myself and get them done. Because I love lists.”

“To break them. lol.”

“I don’t make them. I know my habits are stronger than I am.”

Ryan Mitofsky says in his post (http://bit.ly/8D3SVJ): “We reminisce over the year that has passed and our thoughts wander to what we could have done better. The “if only” statements flood the actual memories that we hold onto and the thought of change permeates our desires.” He further states, “In creating these arbitrary goals with no significance behind them there is no fuel to feed the fire of change.”

All this “make life better”, “let’s walk down a 365-day long memory lane” and “it’s a new year, time for a new beginning” aside, what if we made (and kept) silly, even nonsensical resolutions? Enter two of my favorite online mentors: @Mashable and @unmarketing. About an hour ago a blog post appeared on Mashable.com titled “A Boon to the Indecisive: A New Year’s Resolution Generator”. A short blog post for, yep, you guessed it the indecisive (not to mention the Internet-addicted).

Get Jiggy Wit It
My 1st 2010 resolution!

Of course I had to click on the bright yellow box that promised to hold the key to a complete overhaul of my life in 2010. My first New Year’s resolution: Get Jiggy Wit It.

No offense, Mr. Will Smith, but somehow I’d hoped for something a wee bit more “substantial”. I wasn’t expecting “solve world hunger” or “create world peace” or “provide healthcare for all Americans”. I’m not deluded, at least not THAT deluded. Alas, it seems the indecisive can’t be choosers. Here’s hoping 2010 is a fulfillment of your dreams, but in case it’s not, just for fun, you should give the 2010 New Year’s Resolution Generator a spin (or 2)! Happy New Year!

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